Dear Colleagues;
We are happy and proud to invite you to the "International Konya Art and Architecture Symposium / IKAAS'22", which we will organize ONLINE on 17-19 November 2022.

This symposium is planned to be organized every two years by Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture and the theme of the symposium to be held with the cooperation of Konya Metropolitan Municipality in 2022 has been determined as "Dwelling Culture from Past to Future".


The basic need for "shelter", which emerged with the existence of human beings, differed according to geography, climate, culture, society and time conditions in terms of spatial characteristics, and it has been an interdisciplinary research topic from past to present. The accommodation spaces, which differ in architectural terms and offer a rich inventory in Anatolia, exhibit many unique examples organized by culture, geography and history. Accommodation spaces, which can be named with different concepts such as dwelling, house, residence has not only a physical formation but also an intellectual content with its semantic dimension.

In the historical process, global events such as natural disasters (earthquake, flood, fire, etc.), epidemics, climate crisis have shown the greatest spatial effect on the need for shelter, and the problem of housing, both in rural and urban terms, has been interpreted in different ways every day.

The International Konya Art and Architecture Symposium (IKAAS), which will be organized with the main purpose of contributing to all these issues with different scientific perspectives, aims to bring together scientists from the discipline of architecture from Turkey and the world, under the guidance of expert researchers and academicians in the fields defined under the determined sub-titles. It also aims to contribute by bringing innovative suggestions for the future while evaluating the traces of the past with studies and to create a scientific discussion environment where professionals share their research results with each other. It is also aimed that the participants will find opportunities to discuss new ideas and establish professional relationships, together with sharing their experiences. Thus, with this scientific event to be held at an international level, it is aimed to contribute internationally and interdisciplinary to Turkey's academic studies platform in the field of architecture and art.

In the International Konya Art and Architecture Symposium (IKAAS), within the scope of the main theme “Dwelling Culture from Past to the Future” in 2022, the subjects under the following sub-headings:

  • • Local Governments and Dwelling Policies

  • • Immigration and Dwelling

  • • Post-Modern Dwelling Culture

  • • Traditional/Rural Architecture in Anatolia

  • • Culture-Space Relation

  • • Extraordinary Dwelling Units

  • • Pandemic and Dwelling

  • • Technological Approaches and Dwelling

  • • Disaster/Risk Management and Dwelling

will be discussed.

Symposium presentation and publication languages are Turkish and English. Abstract and full-text proceedings to be presented at the symposium will be included in the blind referee process. The abstracts of scientific works whose evaluation process has been successfully completed will be published in the Abstract Book (e-book PDF), and the full texts will be published as "Chapter in the International Book" in the Printed Scientific Book (with ISBN) by NEU International Publishing House. It may be requested to make corrections for the book chapters in line with the opinions of the referees and advisory board according to the content of the submitted and accepted studies.

Your participation in the "International Konya Art and Architecture Symposium / IKAAS'22" with your valuable works will honor us. It is a first step, first say and call for valuable scientists working in this field to come together.